Timeless Vintage Colors for Speed Bicycles

We have selected colors for the new line of classic bicycles from Skiens Cykkelfabrik. The colors were picked together with the product design team at Snowball. Timeless vintage inspired colors that enrich the details and lines of the new Speed bikes is what we aim for. No anodized black with bright orange or screaming yellow colors here. Judge for yourself.

Copper Patina for Speed ONE L.E.

The single-speed bike Speed ONE Launch Edition was the first bike since the relaunch of Skiens Cykkelfabrik. This classic looking single-speed bike features the beautiful copper patina green color inspired by the copper plates on the roof of the majestic church defining the skyline of Skien.

Single-speed Bike: Speed ONE

Speed ONE is here to stay as a model. A new range of single-speed bikes based on the Speed ONE Launch Edition model is launched in three new colors from Skiens Cykkelfabrik. Colors are not straight forward, Snowball has written a post on color systems explained if you are interested.

The three new color options for Speed ONE are:

  • Karma Yellow
  • Midsummer Black
  • Petroleum Blue

Karma Yellow is a beautiful warm flat ochre yellow color. Midsummer Black represents what you expect from a midsummer night in Norway: a stylish flat gray color. The final color is a deep flat blue named Petroleum Blue. Ironic name as we believe the future of transportation has two wheels and a handlebar and is not powered by petrol.

Classic Road Bike: Speed TEN

Speed TEN is a new classic road bike model launched in three color options. Both Karma Yellow and Midsummer Black is available for Speed TEN. In addition the classic road bike will also feature the copper patina green - so that collectors can have a matching pair of their Speed ONE Launch Edition and a Speed TEN.

The three color options for Speed TEN are:

  • Copper Patina
  • Karma Yellow
  • Midsummer Black

Classic Ladies Bike: Speed Curve

Last but not least. Inspired by the stunning Norwegian sunsets during winter; the new color used first on the classic ladies bike Speed Curve is named Sunset Pink. This is the color the sun makes on those special winter evenings when we long for summer to ride our bikes.

The three color options for Speed Curve are:

  • Sunset Pink
  • Karma Yellow
  • Midsummer Black

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