Classic Road Bike Re-imagined

The line of classic bikes at Skiens Cykkelfabrik is connecting the past with the future. We take inspiration in our historic bike models and re-imagine them with materials, engineering and production methods available today. This time we are sharing insight into the process of designing and engineering the new classic road bike.

Classic Road Bike Re-imagined

Classic Road Bike Model History

As with the classic ladies bike Speed Curve we take inspiration for this classic road bike in our history books. The historic bike model that is the inspiration for our new classic road bike was called “Spesial Racer-Modell”, literally “Special Racing Model”.

This new classic road bike model will appear next to the classic ladies bike Speed Curve and our single speed bike Speed ONE.

Speed TEN Design Direction

As with our classic ladies bike we are working with Snowball in the product design process. We provide the initial input with the classic bicycle lines including the horizontal top tube and the vintage style frame angles. Details like leather seat and grip are of course present. Design & styling comes first in our design process, but with no compromise in quality.

The classic road bike is named Speed TEN. This is reflecting that this classic racing bike will feature gears. The initial sketch for Speed TEN shown below shows a desirable road bike with classic lines.

CAD Product Design

From the design process we have imagined a classic road bike with timeless style. To engineer the classic road bike Speed TEN we are running a CAD product design process with Snowball. Our prefered materials include light and strong aluminium, naturally colored leather with steel and titanium details. No plastic.

Speed TEN will of course also feature our custom-made 700c white tires. The newly designed seat clamp will also be featured on Speed TEN.

Classic Road Bike Visualized

An important step in the product design process is CAD Product Design and rendering out visualization of the classic road bike in details. As with our classic ladies bike Speed Curve we are custom making as many parts as possible like custom leather saddles by Tabor and custom crank and chainring by Spécialités TA. There are some OEM parts also featured on the bike like the beautiful MKS pedals and the White Industries hubs.

Our goal is a classic road bike with timeless style.

Bicycle Prototyping and Testing

We are currently on the third round of prototypes for the Speed TEN and have been riding it in various configurations since this summer. Speed TEN will feature some awesome details, we have even moved a step up in the brakes - they are a piece of jewelry. The ride is great.

Once all details are fully nailed we will share more details on this bike. I want one. Petroleum blue with natural leather color or perhaps a flat grey. Maybe both...


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