Classic Ladies Bike Re-imagined

Our vision at Skiens Cykkelfabrik is that the future of transportation has two wheels and a handlebar. With our line of classic bikes we are connecting the past with the future. We are inspired by our vintage bicycle models and re-imagining them. We want the styling to be timeless but with no compromise in quality. The materials should be natural with aluminium, leather and steel. No plastic.

Classic Ladies Bike Re-imagined

Bicycle Model History

The inspiration for the new Speed ladies bike is in our history books. We had a few historical ladies bikes that all featured timeless curves. These were beautiful bikes that also were enjoyable to ride. A bit heavy bikes for today's standard, but the ride feel and styling was great.

Speed Curve Design Direction

The initial sketching of the new ladies bike model Speed Curve shows exactly this. A desirable beautifully curved ladies bike.

CAD Product Design

Classic Ladies Bike Visualized

At this point the renders are just teasers as we have not decided on all details. But the level of detail is important. No compromise.

Bicycle Prototyping and Testing

At the time of writing we are on our second round of physical prototype frames and we have been riding the bike for a bit more than six months. We have tested several types of gears, brakes, handlebars. The ride is supersweet. Promise.

We cannot wait to get this on the market.


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