700c White Tires - Twin Spires

700c White Tires - Twin Spires

The Twin Spires White Tires are light weight, protected, fast urban folding tires. It weighs only 320g and has 60tpi, threads per inch. This tire uses ProTite material breaker for high puncture resistance. 

Dimensions are: 700x28 (28x622) 

The 700c white tires are custom made by Panaracer for Skiens Cykkelfabrik.

700c White Tires - Twin Spires500,-

Bispoke 700c White Tires

To ride tastefully with high quality white rubber tires we created these tires together with Panaracers. Read the story of the bispoke 700c white tire.

Bispoke 700c White Tires

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