Cable Guide for Bottom Bracket in Bronze

For the new classic road bike Speed TEN we want to design a bicycle with a high level of desirability. A few months back we started discussing the cable guide that is used under the bottom bracket. Cable guides for these types of bikes are typically produced in plastic. We do not fancy that. Of course we decided to design our own and to manufacture it in bronze. Details matter.

Cable Guide for Bottom Bracket in Bronze

Cable Guide CAD Design Process

As usual we are working with Snowball in the product design process. Our goal with the bottom bracket cable guide is to design a part that is functional but also that looks great. This part is not something you see when looking at the bike from a normal perspective. I bet that Speed TEN owners will flip the bike and show off the cable guide - it is in bronze. It looks great.

Bronze is the Material of Choice

We could have opted for a simple add to cart from an OEM provider. It would cost us about 1 EUR per piece and 1 minute to order. However, all OEM options on the market are flimsy parts made in plastic. They felt cheap and very far from desirable. It did not work for us.


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