Leather Handlebar for Classic Road Bike Speed TEN

The classic road bike Speed TEN will feature several custom details. Our custom handsewn leather on the handlebars is probably the most tactile feature of the bike. You know that feeling when you place your hands on a perfect steering wheel in a high end sports car? The match between soft leather, beautiful seams and being in full control. It feels just right. This is the feeling we wanted on Speed TEN.

Handsewn Leather Grip in Norway

The leather is cut to fit and handsewn in our factory building in Skien, Norway. The handlebar pictured here is one of the prototypes made there for testing the fit, finish and feel. Cork padded leather is the material we are using. Sewn together with a matching high quality Serafil thread. The cork is from Portugal and makes the leather extra strong and also adds a nice padding.

Handlebar Leather is Matching the Leather Saddle

The naturally colored handlebar leather on the classic road bike Speed TEN is matching the leather city bike saddle and custom-made for Speed bikes by Tabor Saddles. Details matter in product design. The matching leather makes the saddle and handlebar a perfect pair.

Perfect Framing for Paul Components Brake Levers

The beautiful soft leather on the classic road bike handlebars for Speed TEN is the perfect framing for the Paul Components brake levers. These high-end brakes are a piece of jewelry and a perfect fit for the concept of a classic road bike re-imagined named Speed TEN. These Nitto handlebars have never looked this good - in our opinion.


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