Bespoke 700c White Tires - the Twin Spires

When designing our single-speed bike Speed ONE we decided it should roll on white rubber. Existing tires on the market where not grippy enough and not as high performing as we prefered. A joyful collaboration with Panaracer was kicked off to design this new white tire. In the end we have a fast rolling, grippy and well protected 700c white tire - we named them the Twin Spires.

Bespoke 700c White Tires - the Twin Spires

Panaracer Collaboration

The Twin Spires tire by Skiens Cykkelfabrik is the result of an extensive, detailed and nit-picking collaborative process between ourselves and the renowned Japanese tire producer, Panaracer.

Early on in the Speed ONE design process, we decided the bike could roll on nothing other than white rubber. We envisioned a timelessclassic bike. This decision, as it turns out, was a lot more tricky to realise than we first imagined. The market for white tires isn’t exactly overflowing with choice.

We got hold of the few tires we could, popped them onto a wheelset and took to the streets.
What we found was somewhat underwhelming. Too heavy, not grippy enough and we certainly didn’t want a wire bead. We just couldn’t find suitable rubber for the Speed ONE.

That’s when we thought of Panaracer.

Tire Design & Engineering

We had tried out one of their tires and really liked the tread pattern but we thought it was a bit on the heavy side. We wanted a softer sidewall but to still maintain a good amount of puncture protection and we didn’t want to pay a big weight penalty for this.

Puncture Resistant Light Commuter Tire

To make it commuter friendly we added Panaracer’s ProTite puncture protection system, with its bead to bead coverage and opted for a 60 tpi casing for added durability. Pairing this to a relatively thin and supple sidewall, we produced a fast rolling, grippy and well protected tire.

The Twin Spires is the ultimate city and commuter tire that isn’t afraid to tackle some gravel should your ride take you away from the beaten path. We here at Skiens Cykkelfabrik sincerely hope that it does.


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