Handmade bicycles since 1926

We believe that the future of transportation has two wheels and a handlebar. A bike can take you on adventures, on or off road. It can bring you to work or school. For some it is exercise. For others a trip to the café meeting friends. It defines your lifestyle. It can define you. 

Classic Bicycles since 1926

In 1926 Sigurdh Gunnar Klas Erlandsson founded Skiens Cykkelfabrik. The classic bicycle brand started its journey in Kverndalsgata 8, a factory building in the center of Skien, Norway.

The factory produced handmade bikes under the brands Speed and Camping. The classic bikes were handbuilt at the factory in Skien.

The Speed bikes were known for their timeless design, high quality and their easy ride. Success followed as people liked the bikes, and Erlandsson employed 30 people and produced 2500 bikes a year at the most.

Erlandsson ran the company until he closed it down at the age of 71 in 1960. He left behind a legacy of a bike manufacturer making it his life mission to produce high quality, easy to ride and great looking bikes.

New beginning

In 2017 the company was re-launched by the brothers and serial entrepreneurs Aleksander & Bård Farstad. The company has the same name, same brand (Speed) and are located in the same building: Kverndalsgata 8 in Skien Norway. It is at the time of writing the only bicycle factory in Norway.

Our Mission

A bike today has a different meaning to different people. A bike takes you on adventures, both on and off road, it brings you to work or school, it is your exercise and it brings you to the café meeting friends. It defines your lifestyle.

However bikes today are mainly mass produced in the Far East, where costs rather than design, quality and details matter.

We believe it is time to take back the mission Erlandsson spend 45 years of his life perfecting; The art of producing high quality, well riding and beautifully designed bikes.

Bikes handbuilt by people who care, people with attention to details, people having pride in the craft and view the result not just as a piece of transport, but a piece of art.


Our bikes are handbuilt after your specifications. Making your bike truly unique. Our goal is not to make the cheapest bike, but a bike where every single component is top notch and every single detail matter. We do not cut any corners. 

Since we sell directly to you as a consumer, not having to share the revenue with retailers you will get high value. Typically we spend twice the value in components as a similar priced bike.

Our product values are:

  • Timeless style
  • No compromise quality

Bike Lifestyle

For us bikes are works of art, and for us biking is a lifestyle. A lifestyle of adventures, style and speed.

We hope you will be as proud owning a Speed bike as we are making it. Owning a bike from Skiens Cykkelfabrik defines your bike lifestyle.

Enjoy the ride

The literal meaning of the brand Skiens Cykkelfabrik is “The Bicycle Factory of Skien”.

You can contact us at hello@speedcykkel.com.


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