Speed ONE: Single Speed Bike

Speed ONE: Single Speed Bike


NOK 28,900.00

Speed ONE is a single speed city bicycle from Skiens Cykkelfabrik. This classic single-speed bike is the continuation of the Speed ONE Launch Edition. Speed ONE combines classic design with modern construction, hand built and test for high performance.

Heritage bike

Speed ONE is a heritage bike that brings back the brand Speed from Skiens Cykkelfabrik. The bike combines timeless style with no compromise quality. The name Speed ONE refers to being the first bike model released after re-launch and it is also a single speed bicycle. Speed ONE comes in three beautiful colors: Karma Yellow, Petroleum Blue and Midsummer Black.

Classic but modern

Speed ONE combines classic design with high performance modern parts and construction. The geometry is heavily inspired by the original Speed tourist model from 1926. Giving you the classic riding feel in a modern construction. It is hand built in the same factory in Skien, Norway, as in 1926.

Enjoy the ride

Speed ONE is designed and tested for high performance. Our vision is to ride the bike comfortably, enjoying the ride at just the right speed. It is about the ride and not the destination and when you arrive you should park the bike so you can enjoy the beautiful design.


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